Ricky Ricardo

It all started in the year 2001...

Since I was a little boy I proudly tried, on my own, to make music. I started with hardstyle and later on i found my way in house music. Step by step every day I became better in what I was doing. Sometimes i went to a party, just for fun. 8 years later, I was at the age of 26 at that time, they offered me to play my music at a party in Woerden. They wanted me to prove myself to play a back to back set with another DJ, and I can say that I was really nervous that day. Obviously they liked my music and i had so much fun: since that day they booked me for some real fun party's. I looked at it as opportunities to build up experience.

There is one very special day in my life, the day I met the most inspired man: 'UMMET OZCAN" this man is taking over the world right now, i hope to see him in the DJMAG top 10. Without any doubt I can surely say that this man learned me all the special things I had to know to 'rock the dj world'. I will always be thankful for that.

After getting compliments and support I very much would like to become a well known dj within the house scène. Sometimes I dream of becoming a professional dj so I can make my hobby my job. I hope that I can let the people enjoy my music for a long time to come.

'House music is a way of life".